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Caribbean Port Services (CPS) is proud to introduce the Logistics Hub of Haiti, located at the public facilities of the International Port of Port-au-Prince, which is comprised of the new state of the art Port-au- Prince Container Terminal (PAPCT).

CPS is a merged entity regrouping most shipping agents and private terminal operators that have heavily invested and collaborated with the Port Authority at the public complex over the last 35 years.

The Logistics Hub of Haiti

The Logistics Hub of Haiti is ideally situated at the center of the Caribbean with a privileged geographic location both in the region, and within Haiti. It plays a pivotal role in the national economy as it employs over 1,000 and is the gateway for 85% of Haiti’s international trade.

Haiti is at the center of the Caribbean and strategically located on the Windward Passage, at the crossroads of major North/South and East/West maritime trade lanes. It’s proximity to the Panama Canal, North American markets and South America makes it an ideal link in the international logistics chain.

“The Logistics Hub is located at the heart of the earthquake stricken area of the city and its launch will contribute to the revival and reconstruction of downtown Port-au-Prince.”

Alix Celestin

Director of National Port Authority

Safety and Security

Throughout its 33 years of existence, the core value and number one priority of the Port of Port-au-Prince has always been to ensure the security and safety of its associates and users through the entire port complex.

The Port of Port-au-Prince proudly holds the following certifications.

CPS is committed to receiving these certifications and more.


Accounting for The PPAP’s capabilities to detect security threats and take preventative measures against security incidents affecting the ships or the port facilities used in international trade.


In the process of obtaining the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification.

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