About Us

CPS is a merger of most shipping agents and terminal operators functioning at the public complex of the International Port of Port-au-Prince since 1978. With over 70 years of experience, the shareholders of this private entity have been part of the most effective Partnership with the Port Authority.

The spirit of collaboration within the shareholders of CPS has long been established since the creation of The Haitian Maritime Association (AMARH) in 1949. The objective of AMARH was to serve as an intermediary to address common issues between agents, the Port Authority and the Union (STAM).

In response to the really fast growing containerization of cargo, the Port Authority, in the late 70s, invited the private sector to invest in container yards within the public complex. To meet this challenge, three (3) separate entities emerged investing over $60 million in reclaiming more than 50 ha of swampland. Around the late 80s, as the Port Authority’s equipment pool was deteriorating and further public investment lacking, the private terminals invested an additional $40 million in handling equipment.

CPS phase one project is the construction of a modern and efficient container terminal called PAPCT adjacent to the newly built public Berth.

Mission Statement

“CPS is committed to achieve Excellence in the port operations with state-of-the-art technologies. CPS will enhance competence and enthuse workforce to maximize customer satisfaction while anticipating / adapting to the evolving world and acting as a catalyst for the sustainable development of Haiti”

The Vision

“To build a logistics hub at the Port of Port-au-Prince (PPAP) and be the gateway to Haiti’s development by implementing a state-of-the-art integrated economic free zone and being the most modern, efficient and competitive port of Haiti while actively contributing to its social advancement.”

 Our Values



Committed to The Regional Development

Conscious of Environment / Social Obligations

Safety & Security For Its Associates & Trading Partners

PPAP’s Share in Haiti’s Total Container Volume 2015

Port of Port-au-Prince
Port of Cap Haitian
Other Ports

Our Partners

Our clients

Carriers Calling The PPAP

Key Figures

2010 161,811 610,828
2011 170,548 670,041
2012 153,583 623,294
2013 163,628 636,014
2014 171,810 623,543
2015 180,400 654,720
2016 198,440 685,165
2017 218,284 702,294
2018 240,113 719,851
2019 264,124 737,847
2020 290,537 756,294
2021 305,063 775,201
2022 320,316 794,445
2023 336,332 814,445
2024 353,149 834,807

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